Zlata Magnafic: From Nada to Prada on The Style Con



The following is an excerpt from my regular series, “From Nada to Prada,” as seen on The Style Con:

When you’ve got kick ass Chrissie Hynde vibes, you don’t try to cover it all up by being, you know, your average pretty chick. One of my favorite chop-chop success stories is IMG’s Zlata Mangafic, who arrived on the fashion scene in 2012 with long, mousy brown hair vaguely reminiscent of actress (and famed on-camera hair-adjuster) Kristen Stewart. The look was precious, natural, very girl-next-door-ish – the type of unassuming babe I’d want my brother to settle down with one day, who would arrive to family Christmas parties with some organic flourless cocoa kale cake topped with self-harvested sea salt that she baked herself. Apparently the wholesome, I-make-kale-cakes look wasn’t winning her too many gigs. Soon after her arrival came a good and proper rock-and-roll shag… and this new Zlata wasn’t bakin’ shit for nobody.

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