Field Trip: Lena Dunham + Vogue on The Style Con


Take a trip to The Style Con for this piece from last week. Excerpt below:

In another episode of “Why the F*&k Do We Care?” we bring you the latest “hot” story burning up the blogosphere: Anna Wintour is reportedly courting GIRLS creator Lena Dunham for an upcoming cover of Vogue, allegedly in the hopes of bringing her plaid-wearing, Brooklyn-living, bingo-winged fans into high fashion fold. Until Balmain leather sweatpants retail for $55 at the local Urban Outfitters, we wish you good luck, Anna.

This non-news news has turned the fashion world asunder, leaving it gasping and cheering in equal measure, with headlines like “Is Lena Dunham Worthy of a Vogue Cover?” and “Lena Dunham Vogue Cover in the Works? Here are 7 Reasons We Hope The Rumors Are True.” Like Natalie Portman’s croisé devant-crazed mother in Black Swan, the passionate involvement here seems, to be honest, slightly bizarre. Though the support claims to be positive, the excitement we’re seeing is anything but.

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(Photo courtesy of Vogue Japan)