Field Trip: “Stef Van Der Laan – From Nada to Prada” on The Style Con



The following is an excerpt from my regular series “From Nada to Prada,” as seen on The Style Con:

One million years ago there was a great movie called Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. For those of you kiddie bitches out there born in the ‘90s who’ve never touched a VHS tape, in a nutshell, the movie’s about a chick that moves from the country to do these horse-jumping tricks on the Atlantic City boardwalk whilst wearing totally unsexy bloomer-esque bathing suits. The goal is to hop on a charging horse and jump from the height of a three-story building into a pool of water and, like, I don’t know, entertain children or something. Anyway, it doesn’t go well and she goes blind. I mean, what do you expect when you strap a half-ton animal to your feet and go diving into a puddle? POINT BEING… the whole horse-jumping thing has gone the way of the dodo (for safety reasons clearly evident in the film), but the hairstyle the horse-jumper sportedis back like major.

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