Field Trip: Lady Gaga’s artRave in NYC on The Style Con

Inez_and_Vinoodh_gaga-binary-chair2-IIHIHThe following is an excerpt from my piece on Lady Gaga’s recent “artRave” in NYC, as seen on The Style Con:

I have no idea what to look at. Music pumps through super premium speakers while hot air begins to fill the sprawling expanse of a polished Brooklyn warehouse. White walls bask in the pink and purple glow of overhead lights. Drag queens with half-shaved heads doBeyonce-esque hair-whips, balancing on bloated versions of women’s heels. There’s a white sculpture, a blue sculpture, a gold one, too, shiny like Christmas candy wrappers and adorned with fake flowers. High above, screens alternate between a real-time aggregator of social media content – Tweets about #artRAVE and #ARTPOP, selfies of people smiling in the foreground of their dull, badly lit bedrooms – and bold graphic typeface announcing the people of the hour, GAGA and KOONS.

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Field Trip: Lena Dunham + Vogue on The Style Con


Take a trip to The Style Con for this piece from last week. Excerpt below:

In another episode of “Why the F*&k Do We Care?” we bring you the latest “hot” story burning up the blogosphere: Anna Wintour is reportedly courting GIRLS creator Lena Dunham for an upcoming cover of Vogue, allegedly in the hopes of bringing her plaid-wearing, Brooklyn-living, bingo-winged fans into high fashion fold. Until Balmain leather sweatpants retail for $55 at the local Urban Outfitters, we wish you good luck, Anna.

This non-news news has turned the fashion world asunder, leaving it gasping and cheering in equal measure, with headlines like “Is Lena Dunham Worthy of a Vogue Cover?” and “Lena Dunham Vogue Cover in the Works? Here are 7 Reasons We Hope The Rumors Are True.” Like Natalie Portman’s croisé devant-crazed mother in Black Swan, the passionate involvement here seems, to be honest, slightly bizarre. Though the support claims to be positive, the excitement we’re seeing is anything but.

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Field Trip: “The Miley Cyrus Project” on Lady Clever

Celebrities outside ABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' studios

The following is an excerpt from “The Miley Cyrus Project” as seen on Lady Clever back in June, 2013.

When the world first met Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana, with her mountain of highlighted hair, giant teeth, and a mouth full of y’alls, no one suspected that some seven years later they’d be watching her twerking in a unicorn suit, sporting a bleached blonde buzz cut and a smattering of tattoos, bizarrely center stage and more relevant than before. Seemingly overnight, Miley Cyrus has mysteriously acquired some sort of cool-kid street cred, transcending her previously marketed aw-shucks Southern sweetness, her father’s epic ‘90s mullet, and that “Party in the USA” song.

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Lady Clever Field Trip…




Check out my latest piece on Lady Clever, “Cory Monteith and the Celebrity Twitter Outreach Program.” Excerpt below:

This weekend, Glee star Cory Monteith was found dead in a Canadian hotel room, in one of those too-young, too soon tragedies that has happened to many a celebrity before him. It is, of course, a great loss, as any life cut so abruptly short is. And death, no matter who it befalls, is a grave and serious thing, and that’s why I am routinely confused by when solemn responses to such events – with the outpourings of “my prayers are with your family” and “rest in peace” — are made via social media outlets, specifically by celebrities.

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