“A Man. A Mustache. A Mantra: Alexander Shaler” on Harry’s Five O’Clock Mag


The following is an expert from my regular column on Harry’s Five O’Clock Magazine, “A Man. A Mustache. A Mantra”:

If wartime had an equivalent in the corporate ladder, General Alexander Shaler was the type who shimmied up that thing so fast, all you had to do was blink and he was suddenly your boss. The expertly mustachioed man had a reputation for wise military maneuvering and intelligent instruction. Never one to go easy on his charge, Shaler was the type of drill sergeant that gave the term its chops. The general asked a lot of his men, and his men gave freely in turn. Because – as many of you reading this in the confines of a centrally heated office probably know – a good boss is a boss you want to work for, even if you go home feeling like you’ve been rung out like a wet towel.  

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“A Man. A Mustache. A Mantra – Emiliano Zapata” on Harry’s Five O’Clock



The following is an excerpt from my regular series “A Man. A Mustache. A Mantra” as seen on Harry’s Five O’Clock Mag:

“Out of the earth that shook with a cry ‘Conquistadores!’ comes Zapata, the Robin Hood of Mexico. The man with a circle around his name, a machete in his hand, and fire in his blood. Taking by storm and holding by fury. Where he rode they conquered.” – ¡Viva Zapata!

In the ‘50s, the gringos and gringas of Hollywood became belatedly infatuated with Emiliano Zapata, one of the most prominent figures of the Mexican Revolution, which started in 1910 and lasted nearly a decade. Starring what would now be an incredibly politically incorrect, hyper-tanned Marlon Brando and written by John Steinbeck, the film, ¡Viva Zapata!, tried to capture the essence of the man who was hailed in his country as a visionary; a peasant who rose in the ranks to become a leading man of the people. 

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Field Trip: “A Man. A Mustache. A Mantra” on Harry’s Five O’Clock Mag



The following is an excerpt from my ongoing series for Harry’s Five O’Clock Magazine:

Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scottish author, poet, essayist, and overall writerly gent with a look that teetered between rail-thin rock star and elegant cowboy. He produced such epic works as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the kid-friendly adventure story Treasure Island.

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