Never Fall in Love with a Street Style Star: Part 2


The following is a piece originally featured on The Style Con:

The bar’s in Williamsburg, occupying an odd slice of an intersection separating a handful of Polish delis, a denim shop, a decrepit video store that supposedly sells coke. It’s a local spot, a nice enough place with open windows and pretty terrible food. You wouldn’t commute out here specifically from Manhattan, and that’s why when I look up at our newest addition to the group, my mouth unattractively wrapped over the end of a fish taco, and see Henry O’Toole standing there in his three-piece suit and his raggedy beard, my blood slows to a crawl—heavy, leaden, resigned to yet another awkward three hours of my life.

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“Never Fall in Love with a Street Style Star” on The Style Con


…three years ago, my own ghost came in the form of a bearded, tatted up man with stick legs and Prada boots. A fashion dude. He was a handsome nobody—anonymous and available, occupying but a few short rows of a Google image search query. He traveled the circuit—Milan, Paris, London, New York—sitting side-by-side with those famous fashion bloggers, the It Girls, buyers from Bergdorfs, but nobody cared about him yet. He, like most normal people, slipped under the radar. He emailed me from London the first time he was shot for the Sartorialist, looking solemn and gray in front of a stone wall, blue coat belling around his narrow frame, hands crossed politely in front of him. “Don’t make fun of me,” he begged, as I sent him the choicer of the comments already swiftly developing beneath the image, delighting in the panty-dropping hysteria my sort-of-boyfriend was capable of causing.Click here to read more.

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Field Trip: “Ask a Lady” on Harry’s Five O’Clock Mag


The following is an excerpt from my latest “Ask a Lady” column in Harry’s Five O’Clock Magazine:

So you’re meeting a girl for a blind date. You’ve heard amazing things about her. Good job, nice family, speaks five languages, can cook a mean omelet… she even has an active HBO GO password that isn’t being poached by all her friends. You open the door to the restaurant, only to come face-to-face with the woman in question, wearing the fashion equivalent of Lady Gaga’s meat dress. BAM! Suddenly, all possibilities vanish in an instant, because meat dresses, as one might imagine, are kind of a deal-breaker.

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