Tria Giovan Interview for Lenny Letter


Photographer Tria Giovan sometimes wonders where the children in her portraits are today. She photographed them in Cuba in the 1990s. She’s heard a handful of them have made it to Europe — Spain, Germany — though she doesn’t know how. Passports would have been an issue. Money presented its own problems. At the time, Cuba was a place where very little seemed possible.

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“I am the Real Hannah Horvath”… and other stories from the GIRLS premiere

BN-AZ777_GirlsH_G_20140107003941The following is an excerpt from my coverage on the GIRLS season 3 premiere as featured on Lady Clever, titled “I am the Real Hannah Horvath.”

“Is it fancy?” I asked my friend last night, trying to figure out what a layperson wears to a premiere. After Googling “GIRLS premiere season 2” as a frame of reference, it had become clear that celebrities wear things like Valentino jumpsuits. Despite evidence of at least partial fanciness, my friend tells me it’s not. Which is good, because I don’t have any Valentino jumpsuits on account of my having to pay for things like groceries and health insurance.

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Field Trip: Lena Dunham + Vogue on The Style Con


Take a trip to The Style Con for this piece from last week. Excerpt below:

In another episode of “Why the F*&k Do We Care?” we bring you the latest “hot” story burning up the blogosphere: Anna Wintour is reportedly courting GIRLS creator Lena Dunham for an upcoming cover of Vogue, allegedly in the hopes of bringing her plaid-wearing, Brooklyn-living, bingo-winged fans into high fashion fold. Until Balmain leather sweatpants retail for $55 at the local Urban Outfitters, we wish you good luck, Anna.

This non-news news has turned the fashion world asunder, leaving it gasping and cheering in equal measure, with headlines like “Is Lena Dunham Worthy of a Vogue Cover?” and “Lena Dunham Vogue Cover in the Works? Here are 7 Reasons We Hope The Rumors Are True.” Like Natalie Portman’s croisé devant-crazed mother in Black Swan, the passionate involvement here seems, to be honest, slightly bizarre. Though the support claims to be positive, the excitement we’re seeing is anything but.

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