Field Trip: Kanye West’s New “Bound 2” Video on The Style Con


The following is an excerpt from my piece, “Breaking News: Kim Kardashian Loves Unicorns,” as featured on The Style Con:

The following is an imagined conversation between Kanye West and director Nick Knight before the filming of his latest video, “Bound 2.” Given the nature of all things “imaginary,” it never really happened. So, if you’re reading this Kanye, don’t get your Givenchy panties in a bunch.

Nick Knight: So, Kanye. I have a couple ideas…

Kanye West: Okay, okay, okay. We gonna open up with SCREEN SAVERS from my ’93 Sony Vaio desktop. I want it everything all… hyper-bright, perfect. Stock footage, man. STOCK FOOTAGE. I want eagles soarin’, sunsets settin’, snow-capped mountain peaks. AMERICA, Nick Knight. Kanye West wants fucking AMERICA. Did I tell you about the albino ponies? Put albino ponies in that intro. Unless you can get unicorns. Kim-loves-unicorns.

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