Field Trip!

Police Discover A Victim Of Jack The Ripper

Flip Collective started off their first season of 2013 last week and that means I’m back in that saddle for the time being. Click on the image above to read my latest piece, “Bullets and Butterfly Wings.” Excerpt below:

The four of us sit in an expensive restaurant on Kenmare, four blondes from all over the world gossiping over the smudged surface of a copper table: Milena from Denmark, Hannah from Sweden, Anneli from Finland, and myself from glamorous Woodland Hills, California. Ultimately, we all speak the same language, the language of I’m-Single-in-New-York-City-and-This-Is-the-Fucking-Worst. That language. With the exception of Milena, who has been married for thirteen months. Even so, she’s got stories that would last anyone more than a few years…