Field Trip: “No Puffy Coats in Paris… absolutment pas” on #Medium




The following is an excerpt from my recent piece “No Puffy Coats in Paris… absolutment pas” for the Man Repeller’s contest on Medium. Click through to read the rest (and don’t forget to recommend it to Medium!)

In an old notebook somewhere there are crude sketches of the outfits I would wear. A vintage red skirt I had shortened back in LA, a lace Phi top I bought at a sample sale, one pair of black boots to wear over and over and over again. I wanted to make sure I got it right, that I could impress this person who had been featured on The Sartorialist, this man who traveled the world buying beautiful clothes, surrounded by beautiful women. I wanted him to be able to look at me and think, “That’s my girl. That’s my girl right there.” I had to get it right.

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