Field Trip: “A Man. A Mustache. A Mantra” on Harry’s Five O’Clock Mag



The following is an excerpt from my ongoing series for Harry’s Five O’Clock Magazine:

Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scottish author, poet, essayist, and overall writerly gent with a look that teetered between rail-thin rock star and elegant cowboy. He produced such epic works as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the kid-friendly adventure story Treasure Island.

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Field Trip: A Boy. A Beard. A Blurb.


The following is an excerpt from my ongoing series, featured on Harry’s Five O’Clock Mag:

With a resume that would be the envy of any Williamsburg hipster, Englishman William Morris (1834-1896) counted writer, artist, and textile designer amongst his many occupations. His literary pursuits helped establish the modern fantasy genre, laying the groundwork for authors like J.R.R. Tolkien and his world of Middle-earth mearas. Were Morris around today, he might well have been be a fan of Renaissance Faires, Dungeons & Dragons, and the much-beloved ‘90s computer game, Myst. 

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Field Trip: “Ask a Lady” on Harry’s Five O’Clock Mag


The following is an excerpt from my latest “Ask a Lady” column in Harry’s Five O’Clock Magazine:

So you’re meeting a girl for a blind date. You’ve heard amazing things about her. Good job, nice family, speaks five languages, can cook a mean omelet… she even has an active HBO GO password that isn’t being poached by all her friends. You open the door to the restaurant, only to come face-to-face with the woman in question, wearing the fashion equivalent of Lady Gaga’s meat dress. BAM! Suddenly, all possibilities vanish in an instant, because meat dresses, as one might imagine, are kind of a deal-breaker.

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