In case you missed it… another Flip Collective Field Trip

Male Triangle


Flip Collective just started its summer season, and that means I’ll be back with a few pieces. Like this one, “The World’s Second Most Difficult Triangle,” about unicorns perfect men.

There’s a graphic out there — I’m sure you’ve seen it — often referred to as “The World’s Most Difficult Triangle” or “What I Want in a Woman.” It is a simple, black and white rendering of a shape, accompanied by the adjectives “intelligent, emotionally stable, good-looking,” as well as a directive in the center: “Pick two,” it says, inferring one inherent, tragic sacrifice. Intelligent and emotionally stable? She’s likely got the face of a horse. Good-looking and intelligent? Watch out for when that nut job stabs you in the hand with a fork. Good-looking and emotionally stable? Hope you’re into girlfriends who are as dumb as Golden Retrievers.

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