“Chiharu Okunugi: From Nada to Prada” on The Style Con

Screen-Shot-2014-01-12-at-11.11.04-PM-1024x693The following is an excerpt from my regular series “From Nada to Prada” featuring Chiharu Okunugi as seen on The Style Con:

When an agency is really doing their job right, making sure all the nuts are bolted down, the career plans are in order, I don’t have shit to talk about there are simply no nada model moments on record. There are no failed test shoots, no DIY fashion shows in Bushwick basements, no documentation of offensive, wayward abuse of Sun-In. Yes, when this happens, as it very rarely does, an agency can make it magically appear as though a girl has simply fallen from the sky, preordained from the heavens to be strutting down catwalks wearing $5,000 Latex bikinis to the latest EDM soundtrack. This, my friends, is model magic.

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