Brooke Candy’s “Opulence” Video Makes Me Excruciatingly Uncomfortable


The following is an excerpt originally seen on The Style Con:

It’s a scene from any Guy Ritchie film. Gritty, sour, filthy and remote.  The sounds are turned up to exacerbate the violence: heels slamming against the tile floor, the sound of hard leather smacking against flesh, roars of effort on the part of Brooke Candy and the moans of agony from the man she’s beating the living shit out of. All fifteen pounds of the singer eventually manages to throw her offender to the ground, breaking his neck between a pair of stiletto heels. And then, while using dialogue about two notches about a ‘90s porn, she begins to fleece him, tearing money out of his pockets, counting it, and then stuffing it into his mouth. It is not the most violent thing I have ever seen—not even coming close to anything out of the original Oldboy—but the reaction it elicits is decidedly stomach turning. Though I’ll watch this video nearly 20 times to figure out how I feel about it, I’ll skip the first minute, unable to even listen to it play out from the other side of the room.

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