Field Trip

Working on a lot of projects, so my pieces are slow-coming, but please take a gander at my piece on The Flip this week.  Click through below.


In front of us, on a stage flanked by dusty marigold curtains, a sweaty black man with relaxed hair and a red flannel shirt raps in front of a beautiful tableau: girls with their backs to the crowd, shaking, bumping, gyrating their asses to his oversimplified but altogether catchy song “Azz Everywhere.”

For the better part of ten minutes, the man known as Big Freedia continues to loop the same lyrics over and over again – AZZ EVERYWHERE! AZZ!  AZZ!  EVERYWHERE! –  the girls sweating and shaking and humping and lip-biting with an intensity that would make the casual, sober observer decide that they are hired hands and not just girls relieved to find out where the azz is (everywhere).  The crowd stands beneath Big Freedia, all of us willfully subjecting ourselves to the gratuitous ass shaking.  It’s like a circus of ass with Big Freedia as (azz?) the ringmaster…