Things I’ve Done Since The Postal Service’s Last Album: Field Trip


Click through image above (or click here) to read my list thingy on every accomplishment I’ve made over the last ten years. Well, maybe not every accomplishment… Sample below.

It’s been ten very long years since I stared at the screen of my Sony Vaio laptop – the one my dad got me as a graduation present instead of the gun he really wanted for himself – watching the video for “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight.”

Freshman year at NYU, 2002. I was sitting on the concrete slab of a twin-sized bed, wearing a pair of sea foam green Roxy pajama pants and sporting an East Coast winter tan. I remember this video like I remember a handful of others. The marriage of image and noise and my own personal experience.

First, the guttural, electronic buzz. Then, Ben Gibbard’s shaky, contemplative whisper of a voice. Cobalt light over a sleeping girl, paper suns over a paper city, holograms of ex-boyfriends, strangers dancing, lips kissing, running clocks. It had a distinct feeling, a mood that I liked but couldn’t relate to because I was a freshly minted eighteen-year-old with $1,100 in my bank account and an inability to cook for myself. High school was a still a memory whose distance I could count in days.

Last week, when The Postal Service announced that it would finally be recording its first album in a decade, it got me thinking about what happens over the span of ten years. As it turns out, a lot. In the 3,650 some odd days of Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello sitting on their lazy asses, here’s a list of my accomplishments…