In case you missed it… the pop star afterthought



You can find a lot more of my writing these days of on other websites (I’m hoarding content for books these days, it seems). Check out my piece on the evolution of Miley Cyrus on Lady Clever. Excerpt below:

When the world first met Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana, with her mountain of highlighted hair, giant teeth, and a mouth full of y’alls, no one suspected that some seven years later they’d be watching her twerking in a unicorn suit, sporting a bleached blonde buzz cut and a smattering of tattoos, bizarrely center stage and more relevant than before. Seemingly overnight, Miley Cyrus has mysteriously acquired some sort of cool-kid street cred, transcending her previously marketed aw-shucks Southern sweetness, her father’s epic ‘90s mullet, and that “Party in the USA” song.

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