Natural Beauty: Linda Rodin for Cereal Magazine

“Down a hallway, through a canary yellow door, Linda Rodin’s apartment, where she has lived for nearly forty years, is a charming spectacle of the cherished. Framed portraits hang from walls painted a faded robin’s egg. Plastic mannequin hands, forever frozen in place on a bureau, hold drapes of pearls. There are shell collections, bunny collections, shelves stacked with books. Everywhere the eye travels, a plant inevitably reaches into frame. Pots, in lime ceramic and orange terracotta, hold sharp fingers of zebra cactus, the wide palms of monstera. Each room is a defiant response to creeping minimalist hegemony and a city rife with gray. It is a space unique to Rodin, filled like a treasure chest and tended to as any garden.”

Read more from my interview with Linda Rodin in the latest issue of Cereal, which you can order here.