Ask a Lady: Sugar, Spice and Dudes That Are Nice


The following is from a piece originally featured on Harry’s Five O’Clock Magazine:

So what exactly makes a “nice guy?” To be clear, I’m not talking about spineless doormats; I’m referring to respectful, amiable gentlemen with interesting lives and unique opinions. These are the guys you want at your dinner parties, the guys you want to introduce to your parents, the guys who take showers and clip their fingernails. Well, that seems like a decent portion of the population (I think), so maybe it’s best to define what nice guys are not. Nice guys are not the bad boys—which is to say they’re not the aloof, mysterious, skulking body in the corner looking to bag another babe out of sheer boredom. And bag he will. The bad boys always do. Meanwhile, the nice guy’s still standing there, holding a beer, talking to some buds, being, well, nice. 

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