“Kate Upton for Sports Illustrated, or Dear God, Why Do You Hate Muni Zubir?” on The Style Con

Kate Upton

The following is a letter to God from Muni Zubir, a self-educated nine-year-old living in a very small, very poor, very made-up country that is not America. This, of course, is not a real letter, and this boy is not a real boy. It, like God, is made up.*

Dear God,

Excuse me. My English is not very good many times, but lady on FOX News said that Santa Claus is white and American and so I guess God is white and American. So I will write you this letter in American English so you understand it. Yes, White God. Thank you. Oh, my name is Muni Zubir. I live in country they make Disney movies about with dancing cats. But in my country there are no dancing cats. The cats here are sad because they are hungry. They do not dance. But you know that. Because you are God.

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