“Ask a Lady: Money Talks” on Harry’s Five O’Clock Magazine

IMG_3108The following is an excerpt from my column, “Ask a Lady: Money Talks” on Harry’s Five O’Clock Magazine:

Money. There are television shows about it, books written on it, websites dedicated to its discussion. Empires rise and fall on the ebb and flow of the greenback tide. We handle it every day. Its existence is unavoidable, omnipresent. But when it comes to talking about cash, one-on-one, what’s appropriate?

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3 thoughts on ““Ask a Lady: Money Talks” on Harry’s Five O’Clock Magazine

  1. quitepossiblystochastic says:

    Would you mind if I asked what you think the psychology behind this really is. Puffery aside, is it semi-existential? Almost Darwinian right? I have thought about this often, and it is a cultural thing too, but in a purely anglical context, I wonder why it’s done. I was wondering if you had thought about it

    • Jenny Bahn says:

      I don’t think it’s existential so much as it is survivalist. It’s plumage in a moneyed age. A survival of the fittest that plays out in bank accounts, given that we’re not currently running around being chased by bears.

      • quitepossiblystochastic says:

        Right, which is darwinistically (not a word) existential right? Er, proverbially “Come to me for I will provide you the safety and security that you perceive money shall provide?” Also, of all things, bears, really? When have bears been a threat for dissolving the fabric of civilization. Zombies are the popular choice, but I like selfie-taking tweens as the shadow runner.

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