Field Trip: “Bare Naked Ladies” on Lady Clever


The following is an excerpt from my piece “Hey Naked Girl,” as seen on Lady Clever:

For someone who has been professionally naked for the better part of ten years, you’d think my tolerance for gym locker nudity would be higher. After all, at least sixty percent of all meals I have eaten over the course of my modeling career have been topless. Within the context of “work,” I’ve stripped down in front of employers, coworkers, friends, unsuspecting passerbys. In fact, I’ve been semi-nude around so many of my also semi-nude model friends, if you lined them all up against a wall and covered their faces, I could tell you whose breasts belonged to who. It’s fine; part of my compensation is for the general indecency of over-exposure. But outside of work, I’m still the squeamish 9-year-old who winces every time she accidentally catches a glimpse of a woman bending over with no undies on.

Click here to read more.


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