Field Trip: “Ask a Lady: No Hair Don’t Care” on Harry’s Five O’Clock Magazine


The following is an excerpt from my regular “Ask a Lady” column, as featured on Harry’s Five O’Clock Magazine:

For a man in his prime, even a few hairs in the sink on a Sunday morning can wreak havoc on his self confidence. Questions probably arise: Will my standing at work diminish? Will my dating and romantic life take a hit? How will I know which SPF is appropriate for my head? None are particularly fun things to ponder. In short: is losing my hair going to be a massive inconvenience? After all, hair is one of man’s few vanities. We like when a guy gets ruts under his eyes and crow’s feet – those mean he’s lived. Men have been able to pull off jowls, age-induced robustness, and going gray with enviable aplomb, but losing one’s hair strikes a particular nerve. But does it have to?

Click here to read more.


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