Field Trip: “Getting High with Sky Ferreira” on The Style Con



The following is an excerpt from my recent article, “Getting High with Sky Ferreira,” currently seen on The Style Con:

World loves a junkie. Keith Richards, Cat Marnell, Robert Downey Jr., ‘90s Drew Barrymore — these were addicts whose drug abuse quickly defined them, fueled their interviews (Barrymore’s infamous David Letterman table dance), secured book deals (Marnell’s $500k Simon & Schuster advance), and provided endless fodder for tabloids (Downey Jr. flying down the PCH—naked, on drugs, in a Porsche).  If they could smoke it, shoot it, snort it, they did, and we sat there on the sidelines, watching feverishly from the padded walls of our work cubicles while someone else played Russian roulette with their life.

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