Field Trip: “Did Rihanna Misappropriate White Culture?” on The Style Con

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 4.30.21 PM

The following is an excerpt from “Did Rihanna Misappropriate White Culture?” featured on

For the 9.9 million people currently following Rihanna on Instagram, her latest video for the track “Pour it Up” really isn’t anything new. Since she created the account, her fans have been treated to a full-frontal and all-access pass of her life, complete with private jet slumber parties, post-coital Chris Brown confessions, massive blunts, and a lot a lot a lot of posing in bikinis with her ass facing gamely towards camera. If someone had a gun to my head, I could probably pick Rihanna’s butt cheeks out in a lineup of 100 people. The same could not be said of her vajay, until now. After watching “Pour It Up,” I suddenly feel intimately familiar with Rihanna’s Viganna.

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