When the designer you love…doesn’t love you





Take a field trip over to Lady Clever for another one of my posts on modeling. Excerpt below:

Black cashmere dress, black jacket, black boots. I look narrow and nondescript, a luxurious blank slate. I brush my hair, flick my lashes with a coat of mascara, slide a coat of Chapstick against my lips. The mirror reflects back an appealing version of me. He’ll like me, I think. READ MORE.



Field Trip! Lady Clever beckons…


Head on over to Lady Clever and read my piece, “Model Closet No. 1.” Excerpt below.

The percentage of my life I have spent sitting in a closet surrounded by a herd of other half-naked models waiting for people to come in and weave our arms through narrow dress sleeves errs on the side of depressing. These are windowless, airless places covered in dust bunnies and lined with plastic binders. READ MORE.