Field Trip

Apologies for the lack of posts on JBLY.  I’ve been working on some book projects and other fun things, which, regrettably, mean my correspondence with the people of the digital age will be spotty.  Good things, people.  Good things.  In the meantime, swing over to Flip Collective to check out my piece today.  Click through on the image below.

I leave a party early.  I didn’t drink.  I didn’t smoke cigarettes out on a balcony hanging over Canal Street.  Music played but I didn’t dance.  Nobody danced.  The best conversation I had all night involved an iPhone slideshow of Berlin.  Shots of cups filled with milky coffee.  A building with the question, “Black Is Still Beautiful?” written on the top.  Trees and neighborhoods in decay.  “I want to go there,” I said…


One thought on “Field Trip

  1. There were cameras and i didn’t get photographed, hairstylists but nobody touched my hair, models on castings and agents roaming without anything getting booked – all I did was make sure I got whole milk in my green tea.

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