Field Trip

Check out my piece on The Flip today.  Click through on the image below.

These near-summer nights are like heaven to me.  A warm blanket for my frozen hands.  A good book for my silly brain.  Each week I shed a new layer, finding more of myself beneath.  Oh, this is what it’s like.  This is what it’s like to be sane. I’m starting to remember.

I take pictures of a flowering tree at 10 p.m., its colors bleached out with my weak flash, red turning pink.  The park is washed in color, even at night.  It screams to be seen.  Chartreuse foliage lines the boughs of trees that place themselves against hazy clouds soaking up city lights from below.  What should be smoky gray is rendered a smoggy blush.  I lift my hand to a branch.  I touch the leaves and feel their newness…


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