Very Confused Blackberry Notes from Halloween

In an attempt to make the evening feel less debacherous than it actually was, I attempted to take notes while out on the town, as I often do over the course of every day.  My thoughts have become a bad habit of mine.  While the filler-details that I am usually able to remember the next day were beyond my reach, I was left with only these notes to explain to me some of the events of the evening.

…feels like a scene out of 200 Cigarettes

…someone is reciting “I Have a Dream” in a pizza shop

…following a merman with a pointy specter

…thank god all the assholes get off at 14th Street… dumping ground for d bags

…lots of bedbugs and mattresses…Super Mario and Luigis

…bedbug mattress gets stuck in the closing subway doors

…guy looks like he’s a tiki torch dressing up as an astronaut blanket

…two brunette boys in heels and badly fitting cocktail dresses

…some poor sucker attempts mathematical equations in a notebook.  lame.

“Take pictures of MEEEEEEEE!!!” someone shrieks.  Shrill.

A man with no teeth and an ever-depleting can of beer attempts to tell me something – maybe about fake blood.  When I am unresponsive he continues talking to himself.  “Get out all you.  Fuckin’…get out!  Get out!”  Waving his hands around and moving his jaw.

Conversation about divorce:

Dude)  “Well, you married him…”

Chick)  “But why do I have to be STUCK with him?”


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