Book Club

Apologies for the utter lack of posts this summer.  As we, well, fall into Fall I will be cooped up and writing more because it’s cold outside and when it’s cold all I want to do is be in doors.  As I don’t have a television and watching Hulu on my laptop starts to physical burn my lap after awhile, writing will have to suffice in the upcoming months.

I’ve been reading a book called Adverbs by Daniel Handler.  It’s incredibly special and winsome in the strangest of ways.  I find myself reading it on the subway and crying at parts, not because it’s but particularly sad but perhaps hits me in familiar places that happen to be sad themselves.  Anyway, here’s a wee passage from the book that I really enjoyed.

“She got herself a glass of water and drank it even though she also had to pee, and this is even another thing like love.  We need things and also to get rid of them, and at the same time.  We need things, and the opposite of them, and we are so rarely completely comfortable.  Helena sat in her second-favorite chair and looked.  He was wearing pajamas, but the particulars hardly matter.  It wasn’t the things he said, and it wasn’t the things he did.  All over the world are particular people, and you could be happy with probably five or six of them, eight if you’re bisexual and everyone is.  And so the happiness is not particular, and so you cannot be particular, or all you will have at the end of the night is a purse full of complaints to your mother.”


One thought on “Book Club

  1. mum says:

    I wish I had read that 30 years ago, however, I had to wait until you came along and grew up to teach me everything wise. Love you!

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